Why Men Choose Russian Mail Order Brides?

When you feel that you are ready to settle down and create a family, you certainly want to find someone significant. People don’t come to this world without a purpose, most of us want to dedicate their lives to important things, such as love, friends, and family. Of course, career and hobbies matter since it’s an important part of life which allows us to have fun, to progress, and of course, to gain profit.

But sometimes it’s not enough. In such case, you start thinking about a person who will become your second half – someone with whom you’ll be able to live your life fully and be happy till the end of days.

Nowadays finding a life partner has become much easier than it used to be. Thanks to the development of modern technology and the creation of various dating sites like https://99brides.com/, everyone who wants to can find their soulmate without even leaving their house.

But most of us buy a property or are gaining profit for a reason. Eventually, everyone wants to settle down and to create a family. Even those who like partying and one-night relationships eventually feel lonely. But what if you are attracted to a type of women or men who live outside of your country? What if you want to marry a woman who belongs to a different nationality?

International Dating

Russian Brides

You are probably thinking that it takes too much time to meet someone outside of your nationality since it takes a lot of traveling. Moreover, such trips might not give any results which means that you simply waste your precious time. But of course, when someone desperately wants to achieve a goal, he will be determined enough to accomplish it. And when someone is searching for ways to accomplish something, he will find them.

For instance, if you really want to create a family with someone outside of your nationality, you can use a dating website. There are different platforms and apps, including Tinder, that allow you to find yourself a date. Of course, Tinder is rarely used to find a wife or a husband, it’s dedicated more to finding a fling. But even on Tinder you can get lucky and meet someone. But luck is not something you can count on, and it’s best to use a website dedicated to international marriages.

For example, if you appreciate Russian beauty, you can use Russian mail-order brides approach. Don’t get it wrong, this approach does not include a catalog where you can find an attractive Russian wife for sale and order her by mail. It’s a traditional dating website where you explore photos of sexy Russian brides and choose one of them to start a conversation.

Russian brides are a sought-after commodity in the world of international marriage. These foreign brides make excellent wives and mothers, with their strong work ethic blessing them as they take on responsibility for raising families from around this globe!
In recent years there has been an influx of foreigners looking to find life partners that will share both joys times together; but also aid with hardships when needed most – just like any other family would do . As one might expect given these circumstances , rates

In this article, you will find out more about dating online opportunities and about personal traits of beautiful Russian women. Everyone probably has heard that the Slavic women are gorgeous, but not everyone knows about their personal traits and temperament. You will also find a short review of websites, where you can meet Russian brides.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating Russian Brides Online

Let’s face it, it’s the 21st century, the world is more open now. We can travel, explore different cultures, make friends with people belonging to different nationalities, etc. And dating online is certainly an option if you were always attracted to other nationalities, in this case, to Russian culture. You can find someone significant online and create a strong bond.

If you fall in love with each other, it’s not a problem to meet in real life. Borders, age, other similar stuff, won’t serve as obstacles for real love. You can move to one country and settle down. Some time ago, people were arguing about one significant disadvantage of such long-distance relationships. They were stating that when you fall in love with a foreigner, it’s painful since you live in different countries. But this problem is easily solved – you can move to one city.

Advantages of Online Dating

You Meet Someone Who Lives in a Different Country

It’s a benefit, especially if you have been dating only those women who belong to your nationality. You might have different views upon life and you value other things. It’s a great idea to try your luck with someone who lives in a different country and have similar beliefs.

You Won’t Waste Your Time

When you are dating in real life, it has its own benefits. For example, you can feel those butterflies in your stomach, the rush of adrenaline in the blood. But after a while, both of you find out that you are not compatible. Even though you had several pleasant moments, it’s a waste of time. If you date online, you find out whether you are compatible, have similar interests, etc. If not, you either stay friends or stop communicating with each other.

You Can Find Exactly Who You Want

If you are looking for Russian brides for marriage, you just need to find a reliable site that caters the interests of both parties – of men who would like to marry women from Russia, and of Russian ladies willing to marry a foreigner. You can also indicate what type of women you prefer, what is the preferred level of education, her habits, etc.

Everyone Is Single

You won’t have to guess whether a woman you are attracted to is in a relationship or she is single. It’s one of the best benefits since it not only saves your time but also grants you the absence of negative experiences, such as being rejected.

It Has a Higher Success Rate

When someone creates an account, especially on a site dedicated to marriage, this user is ready for a serious relationship. This means that it’s more likely that such a user will try to do everything in his power to make this relationship work.

Disadvantages of Online Dating

Some people might be more conservative and prefer traditional dating, but it’s much more difficult to meet someone outside of your nationality in your country. It’s highly possible that some nationalities live in your country, but the chances are low that you will meet someone who has the same views or shares similar beliefs. That’s where dating online is a winner. You can indicate your preferences and the system will recommend you someone compatible.

Characteristics of Beautiful Russian Mail Order Brides


They have something in their appearance that makes them seem different. Russian brides are really attractive and at the same time they have strong personalities, for instance, they have a positive attitude towards different activities, they are intelligent, diligent and well-educated.

Great Housewives

At the same time, Russians have the stereotype when a woman is taking care of a household. Men in Russia rarely dedicate their time to household, they don’t share these responsibilities. Even when both a man and a woman are working, usually a woman takes care of everything. Of course, times are changing and now women don’t tolerate such attitude, but the point is that they can take care of the family.


They are great at everything when it comes to their loved ones. If she feels that you support and help her, she will be more than happy to cook you something delicious. Russian cuisine is very tasty, so you can expect her to cook you something unbelievable. It’s a sign of affection, women in Russia believe that their men will be contented when they are well fed. Of course, they are right.


They are very generous and pay attention to detail. Both of you will be celebrating your special dates and you will definitely receive something very valuable as a present. They tend to remember everything their loved ones say, so at the right moment, they can buy them what they want.

There is also a stereotype about the age when a woman should get married in Russia. If in her 20s she is still not married, she is going to find a partner. It’s strange why society puts such pressure on women, but the truth is that they are morally mature to create a family. So, if you are willing to marry a Russian lady, you can be sure that she has the same values.


Russian girls are extremely loyal but you have to win their love. To do that you need to be confident. Confidence is one of the personality traits that are highly valuable in the eyes of a Russian woman. It shows that you are a reliable person, you are not afraid of taking responsibility. Such behavior will show her that she can feel comfortable around you and be secure about her future.

Below you will find several short reviews of websites where you can meet beautiful Russian mail order brides

Best Sites to Meet Russian Brides

It’s obvious that before registering an account you want to make sure that the website you are using is 100% reliable. Most reliable websites are using paid models, which means that you will have to pay to use them. But the advantage is that you receive a quality service. And this quality includes verified users and protection system. Below you will find several descriptions of websites that are reliable and protected from scammers.


If you are interested in Slavic women you might as well be interested in Russian brides. Although, you can find Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and other women on this platform. It’s incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is to register an account and to complete a questionnaire.

You can skip the questionnaire part and proceed with observing the service. You can view profiles only if you are registered and verified your account using your e-mail address. The good thing about this website is that you don’t need to insert personal data, such as telephone number, etc.

The website has a useful search tool and a great matchmaking mechanism. This mechanism is responsible for presenting you with several compatible options. So, it’s best to fill the questionnaire since it grants you a match. Overall, the site has a very pleasant design with features that help you with your search.


It is used by people from all over the world. On this platform, you can find women belonging to different nationalities, including Russian brides real beauties. You have to register an account, it won’t take much time. Then you can check the profiles and decide whether you are interested. You can see that some profiles have a validated status. It means that these profiles were checked by the system and they are 100% real.

The most popular disadvantage of dating websites which discourages people from using them is the possibility of encountering a scammer. You know these situations when someone thinks that he is speaking with a stunningly beautiful, smart and kind woman, but it turns out that that is a guy. Or a woman, but a scammer. You might want to search for only validated users, so you won’t fall victim of a scam.

The website is paid, but you don’t need to buy a subscription. For example, you need to buy credits to communicate with someone. If a week later you have a vacation for two-three weeks and won’t be able to use the platform, you don’t waste your money since you don’t buy credits. If you compare this approach with subscription, it’s better since you spend money only when it is necessary.

Overall, the website offers you a chance to meet gorgeous and smart women. It is protected and developers continue to implement safety measures.


Another great service which allows you to find a Russian bride. You can find women of different ages, similar to your beliefs, etc. This site grants you the opportunity to use a very efficient search tool. How does it work? You need to choose preferred parameters, such as the country in which your potential bride is living, age gap (25-30, etc.), level of education, level of English, etc.

Good thing that most Russian women can speak English well so you won’t have communication problems. You might use the search tool or you can check the recommended candidates. You receive a list of recommended women based on your preferences. But if you want to receive precise results you need to fill the questionnaire. The website has a user-friendly interface and allows you to meet the woman you might fall in love with.


It’s very easy to find someone on such websites. So, don’t hesitate and at least give it a try.