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June 17, 2020

Belarus is a marvelous republic in the eastern part of Europe with a long history and wonderful customs. Its name means White Rus. Moreover, it is flat, and forests cover almost half of the country. Only at the end of the twentieth century, it won its independence and started to develop very fast. Now the Republic of Belarus promises to show its best sides. However, everyone agrees that Belarusians are very kind people, especially women. Belarusian girls attract men from all over the world with their wisdom and benevolence. They are perfect for creating a family where everyone respects and cares about each other.

Characteristics of Belarusian Women

Belarus Mail Order Brides

It is important to know that Belarusians are not Russians, though they live in bordering countries. Therefore, despite some common features of Slavs, they have their characteristics. They have been developing and changing throughout history. Moreover, culture influenced the way people think, and it is manifested in their customs and traditions.


Belarus is a former Soviet republic that has many neighbors, such as Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland. However, there you will find something unique. Belarusian brides have well-developed stature with a height that is above average. A slim figure and elegant long legs are essential features of women from these lands.

Angelic Look

Belarusian women are considered to look like angels as largely they have very light hair that can be blonde or light brown. An astonishing round face with deep blue eyes perfect this image. It is impossible not to notice their plumb lips and a snub nose when they are smiling. Brides from Belarus are real beauties among European girls. Other features of appearance, such as lovely dark hair and round green eyes, are not exceptions to this.


It is common knowledge that the first impression is very important. However, it does not mean that you need to wear the most expensive clothes. Women of Belarus think that real beauty consists of simplicity. In their wardrobe, you will find many ordinary dresses. Accurate clothes with proper light make-up will only highlight the natural beauty of girls. Moreover, they have a good sense of fashion, which means they will not buy clothes they are not going to wear often.

Reliable and Sincere

As a part of national character, Belarusian brides will always stay by your side to support you. They are ready to be your trustworthy friends that will always hear you out with understanding. To be sincere means to them to share not only your emotions but also worries. Only knowledge of both sides allows Belarusians to trust and rely on a person.

Open and Honest

It is important to perceive the world as it is and realize that everyone has their own opinion. Belarusians are open and honest with themselves and others. It makes every conversation and discussion very interesting because you hear everyone’s opinion without serious arguments or fights. This is one of the best sides of women from Belarus. It is easy to talk with them on any topic. As wives, they can be perfect because men can share with them their ideas about the future without hesitation. Women will honestly tell you about their intentions, desires or thoughts, which helps to understand each other. Girls expect men to be the same as honesty is the most important factor in strong relationships with a promising future. So, you should never try to deceive Belarusian women. It is much better to discuss everything in a peaceful way.

Family Values

Culture and traditions have a substantial impact on society. As a result, Belarusians still have stereotyped views on how men and women have to take care of their families. Now it is changing to equality. However, there are some good sides. Traditional family values are the top priority of Belarusians. Women are caring mothers, and men are strong defenders. This is what makes girls from the Republic of Belarus perfect wives. They may sacrifice their careers for the sake of family if it is necessary. You can find Belarusian mail order brides of different ages. There is a tendency among young girls to marry after their graduation from the university.


Education plays an important role in the life of each Belarusian as it can determine their future. To create a wonderful family, young girls understand that they need higher education. It will give them not only the profession but also some valuable life lessons. Proper education allows mothers to bring up children and teach them correctly. Moreover, learning foreign languages provides possibilities of meeting new people, visiting new countries, and learning more about different cultures.

Eager for the New Experience

As Belarus is still developing, it is difficult to find there a good opportunity for self-development. That is why Belarusian girls seek a new adventure in their lives by going abroad. They are friendly, which helps to develop an amazing network of friends during some vacation trips.

A combination of these qualities makes Belarusian girls perfect for creating wonderful families. Every person is unique. This is why it is honest to say that characters may vary and not everyone has such outstanding features. Nevertheless, nobody is perfect, and sometimes it is important to understand and perceive people as they are. The Republic of Belarus will surprise you with how hospitable people can be and how beautiful their women are.

Where to Find Belarusian Mail Order Brides

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Dating at a distance is a difficult challenge for everyone. There are few opportunities to impress a person that you like. However, a good side of it is that if both of the people are capable of sustaining long-term relationships at a distance that they will be able to create a very lovely family.

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