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June 17, 2020

You never guess which country is leading in the number of mind-blowing ladies. This is Bulgaria! It is here, on the shores of the Black Sea, thousands of luxurious beauties with dark luxurious hair and deep eyes, like the sea itself, live. These girls have been stirring the minds of Western men for several years now, taking advantage of their enormous popularity due to their beauty and high moral qualities, which we will discuss in detail. And if your goal so far has not been Bulgaria with its exciting singles, then after reading this material, you will have no choice but to pick up a bride from there urgently.

Charming Bulgarian Brides

Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

Attractiveness and Charisma

Of course, dark hair, bright eyes, and porcelain skin are attractive for men. Among other things, girls usually have pointed features, full lips, and rather high cheekbones. That is, it is precisely those features of appearance that many European girls are “chasing” and spend big money to achieve the desired proportions. Bulgarian brides got it from nature. There is also a kind of magical attraction in them that holds the attention of men all over the world. They are also calm and elegant in behavior and movements.

Fit Figure

By nature, local girls are slim and graceful, with almost no inclination to be overweight. Even mature Bulgarian brides differ in ideal forms. However, we note that women never indulge themselves in food or habits. Therefore, sports and an active lifestyle – this is what they can’t do without. They also monitor their diet and water consumption. The climate here is quite hot, that is why girls use natural products and drink plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated.

Easy Temper

The ability to enjoy the moment is the basic principle of Bulgarian brides. Marriage with such a girl will never be boring. She will be your faithful accomplice in any serious and humorous stories. She can easily make fun of you and laugh at herself. Such a girl treats life easily and with understanding, without being a fatalist. Any life situation with such a person you will become much more comfortable.

Moderate Conservatism and Commitment to Tradition

Perhaps this is one of the few conservative nations in old Europe. Who you are and what you do is important not only for her quivering parents but also for her. You cannot live aimlessly, work anywhere, and claim her as a wife. It is unlikely that you will succeed. Nobody talks about leadership positions, but the goal and aspirations in life should be. It is unlikely that you will also be able to find Bulgarian brides “for sale” – those same ladies for one night. Her sense of pride will not allow her to do such things.

How to Date Bulgarian Women?

All described above will be quite enough to want such a girl to be as a wife. Where to find her? Come to Bulgaria! It’s s joke, of course. Although why joke? Indeed, having come here you can find a beautiful and dignified girl. But how much time and money will it take? If you have not tried, we suggest you experience the convenience of online dating. You are in a place where you are convenient and use your smartphone. Spending a little money, you will receive access to extensive databases of Bulgarian women, who, by the way, are also fans of online dating.

You can fairly note that many fraudulent tricks are now common. So a lot of money is stolen from trusting people. Of course, there are. Generally, on the Internet, you should always be careful and prudent, because you do not see the interlocutor and you can hardly be sure of his intentions.

That is why we advise you to listen to experienced Bulgarian brides agencies that recommend using only proven and safe resources. Such as:


How Dating Sites Will Help You Meet Bulgarian Women

Their use is very simple. Choose a site that you like. Make sure that its interface is pleasant to you, and using the content is convenient and simple. Firstly, you will need to register. You will need a Facebook account or a valid e-mail address. Just a few manipulations and you are an active user of the dating service.

For your account to be in the top 10, you need to fill it with quality. For example, tell in detail about yourself and fill out a questionnaire for a search robot. You should also upload a profile avatar. This is necessary for several reasons. First of all, girls give preference to accounts with photos. Secondly, the availability of photos provides you with a higher place in the overall rating. Thirdly, the security service checks this account better and faster, which means it will approve it more quickly for future use.

Communication with girls is the most pleasant stage in exploiting dating sites. You can scroll accounts by yourself. But this process is long because there are a lot of Bulgarian girls here. We recommend speeding up this process significantly by ordering one additional service – the search robot. You specify the appropriate options for women and run the search. The program will send you the required number of sorted profiles daily.

In addition to communication and calls, on sites, there is a gift ordering service. A Bulgarian girl can be presented with original decoration, a fashionable book, a set of high-quality chocolate or an original houseplant. On the one hand, these girls love everything unusual, and on the other, they will rejoice at the gift that will last a long time.

Tips for Organizing the Date With a Bulgarian Lady

Bring Roses

These ladies adore roses. For them, this particular flower is a symbol of a date. No other, even more exotic, can replace a rose.

Feel Free to Dance

There is a fact that Bulgarian girls love to dance. If she is comfortable with you, she will want to dance, do not deny her that.

Do Not Talk About Future Plans

Of course, it is conservative and traditional, but before building a family, a girl should get to know you well and get used to you. It is worth remembering this!

Be Sure to Pay the Bill

In this country, it is accepted that men pay all bills. Your meeting is no exception.

Be Willing to Meet Her Parents

If everything goes well with you, be ready to meet her parents. This is a tradition, but not a mandatory procedure. However, it will be correct if you do not refuse this visit.

Drinking Coffee Is Not a Date

This is the 21st century outdoor, many people are very busy at work and at home, however, if you want to make the right impression on a girl, arrange a classic date with a restaurant and flowers.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

All your dialogue with the girl should be built in such a way that she feels comfortable and pleasant. You must do everything possible for this. Generally, Bulgarian ladies love men with a strong mind and body. The fact is that girls themselves cannot be called weak. They are ready to support their partners in every way they can. And the girls also expect that the man will behave accordingly, take care of them, help them around the house and cope with emotions (because local women are quite emotional). Of course, this is not a mandatory requirement, but they would be pleased with your participation in their lives.

Call Her After the Date

If you like her, feel free to call her the next day. Do not trust the stereotypes that you need to wait for time and give the girl a chance to realize everything. The fact is that in each country everything is different, so do what you feel. Take her home, meet her from work. Let her understand in different ways that she is dear to you and you want to continue communication. Let it look old-fashioned, but the eyes of your darling will shine with happiness.


If you want to meet your love and create a happy family, you do not need to do too much. Register on a special site, use our tips and soon your life will change for the better!

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